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Amics Asset Management Features

Advanced Manufacturing and Inventory Control Software for Asset Management is designed for inventory management of Government assets.

Track serial and tag numbers of assets. Add additional modules as required. Bar code functionality can always be added.

Track just quantity of goods
Attach serial numbers
Track just quantity of goods
Track just quantity of goods
Attach serial numbers
Track just quantity of goods
AMICS is simply awesome

No matter what you manufacture in a simple prototype environment or in a production environment, our AMICS software can help.

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AMICS Exclusive Asset Management Software’s

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Project Inventory Management for complex inventory.

In addition to stand alone inventory, segregate inventory by projects with no co-mingling of parts in multiple warehouses. Receive Government furnished Equipment GFE and use in a warehouse management system.

Optionally add bar code software to provide a total solution
Track serial and lot controlled items with expiry days

Asset Management

Government Furnished Equipment.

In addition to project inventory solution, create equipment request for projects and GFE projects. Procure material towards project and transfer inventory between projects. Buy material to tasks, projects or contracts in a work breakdown structure or WBS.

Ship project inventory using DD1149 and print other special forms such as DD2250 and more.Add bar code readers wireless or batch and update inventory transactions