Manufacturing Process Software

AMICS inventory management software is designed to manage process manufacturing where you mix one or more ingredients or chemicals to produce a final formula or product.The following modules are generally used for Process Manufacturing.


Manufacturing Process Software

Control your inventory today in a matter of minutes
AMICS maintains formulas for recipies and keeps track of raw material batch or lot.
Easy to create batches for mixtures.Purchase raw material and receive. Log in the received lot or batch numbers.
Charge out material that was mixed and receive the produced batch with lot or batch information. Add expiration dates as needed.
Run transaction log report for any batch traceability and for any recalls.
Attach all documents including process flow and mixing procedures to the work order .

AMICS Manufacturing Process is designed for a process flow as described.

  • Create mixture formulas by mixing one or more ingredients
  • Purchase raw material and trace lot numbers
  • Mix and bottle the mixtures
  • Assemble and consume material in WIP
  • Stock and ship final product

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