AMICS Standalone Inventory

AMICS Stanalone Inventory targets the specific single warehouse where it has salient features like Offline stock and warehouse management system,Auto product pricing with pricing AMICS intelligence ,Barcode Generation, Processes like sales orders, purchase orders, material transfers, material receipts, invoicing, shipping,warehouse reports,.etc


Standalone Inventory Software

Control your inventory today in a matter of minutes
AMICS manages inventory from raw material thru work in process (WIP) to finished goods. Multi level BOM or bill of materials can be defined in our engineering module with the make/buy decisions for the assembly.
Maintain sales order or customer orders. Buy directly from sales order and create work orders directly.
Then track all manufacturing in-process of purchasing including outside operations such as anodizing, work order for assembly and sub-assemblies including routing steps in shop floor. Track labor and material cost.
Finally ship finished goods with serial number tracking.

AMICS Stanalone Inventory is designed for a process flow as described.

  • Incoming Freight – working with vehicles bringing in physical products and materials.Purchase raw material and other parts
  • Order and Fulfillment Management – Order management and reorder tools provide accuracy for the flow of products into and out of the warehouse.
  • Tracking and Analysis -This allows you to view your real-time inventory, so you’re always aware of when you’re low on certain items, or if you have more in stock than necessary.
  • Reporting – What percentage of your warehouse is utilized? Should you expand, or find a smaller space? How many transactions are each employee doing per hour? Can you reduce headcount?

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