Inventory Module

Inventory Module (Standalone Module) known to be core module.

Inventory Module

This is the core module of AMICS. The transactions either increase or decrease inventory or simply the locations are changed. The following sketch gives an idea of the transactions done within AMICS.

The transactions on the top Increase inventory and the transactions on the bottom decrease inventory.

ChangeLocation & BulkTransfer are two transactions that move just the location & no inventory quantity is adjusted. Depending on the modules purchased, these options may or may not appear.

AMICS Inventory is categorized depending on the information required & named as Inventory Types.

Inventory Control Software

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List Of Inventory’s Sub-Modules

1.Part Master & BOM

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Single Screen – Multiple Task

This Multi-functional screen should have a practice of Maintaining good data which is more-likely important.

The Part Master and BOM screen is the inventory core and AMICS uses this data across all modules.

Specific features

Define a part number 50 characters & Maintain bill of materials or BOM
Maintain Supplier Catalog Numbers and Customer Numbers
View Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Work Orders
Add Operational Steps & Allocate Inventory
Maintain Pictures,Documents,Quality and other Notes
Adjust Inventory & View Inventory including lot and serial numbers

2.Adjust Inventory

Increase Inventory

In many occasions, you may need to adjust inventory up or down.In AMICS, an inventory quantity can be adjusted only by providing a reason. Inventory cannot be adjusted by simply changing the number.

This way, a history transaction is always created as to why inventory increased or decreased. The same screen is used to increase or decrease by clicking on the tabs

Decrease Inventory

This is the section where data entry is done to decrease inventory. Highlighted fields in blue are required fields. Use the lookup button as needed. Reason codes are established in the file maintenance section Use the tab key or shift-tab key (backwards) to move between fields during data entry.

You may need to decrease inventory of an item or part number because you picked inventory for your customer (other than shipping on sales order) counted and found a different quantity that is shown on the computer (inventory count)

Specific features

Easily Adjust, Receive, Pick Inventory & keep track of those inventories.
Receive consignment, GFE and other parts from customers or from any source.
Track History & Output history transactions to MS Excel
Pick Inventory & Batch Lot Inventory
Print Reports & Bar Code Label
Inventory Control Software
Manufacturing Control Software

3.Batch and Lot

Inventory Control Software

Receive multiple lots or batches

This is the screen where user can receive multiple lot or batches with detailed information like color, expiry date,quantity that helps in allowing user to have multiple inventory increase on single click.

Specific features

Easily receive and pick inventory. Receive consignment, GFE and other parts from customers or from any source
Adjust inventory and keep track of inventory.
Add Source, Reference and notes on receipt
Track History and Output those history transactions to MS Excel
Add Source, Reference and notes on receipt.Print Barcode labels, reports,etc.

4.Serial Inventory

Receive & Validate Serial Numbers

This is the screen where the user can receive multiple serial and tag numbers with instant validation in order to avoid duplications of existing Serial / Tag Numbers.

Specific features

Receive serial numbers with ease.Add tag and Model information
Use bar code readers to receive quickly and accurately
Error checking during receipt for duplicates
History of transactions,Parts Traceability,Run reports,Export to excel.
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Inventory Control Software

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